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   Dave 1 (real name David Macklovitch, b. June 7, 1978) on guitar and lead vocals..He's a one half of
   chromeo,he is jewish ,Born and raised in Montreal.                  
                             Mr Macklovitch was among the first editors of Vice Magazine... 
     He then moved to New York to attend Columbia University's Ph.D. program in French and Romance
     Philology. He has taught French and French Literature at Columbia University and Barnard College. 
 Columbia University
 Barnard College
   Then he started the electro-funk band Chromeo with his best friend from high school,the duo met in the
   mid-1990s at Collège Stanislas in Montreal when Macklovitch joined Gemayel's band, around the time
   they were both 15.
Dave 1 and P-Thugg signed as Chromeo in 2004, and started creating tracks in 2002,They soon became very popular,their track was picked up by people, especially Fancy Footwork, which was the title of their third album(Released June 19, 2007)
During this time, Macklovitch's younger brother A-Trak  started winning the Dsico Mix Club Championship becoming World Champion in 1997 at the age of 15.Alain and Dave have a great relation they love each other very much ..They are really deserving brothers..))
   Little Alain
    A-Trak..(Alain Macklovitch)
    A-Trak (born Alain Macklovitch on March 30, 1982) is a Montreal-born DJ, turntablist, and owner of 
    the record label Fool's Gold .

Brooklyn-based record label Fool’s Gold was founded in 2007 by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs and quickly established itself with a non-stop series of releases bridging the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, introducing artists like Kid Sister, Kid Cudi and Duck Sauce to the world while being dubbed an “indie innovator” by Billboard and a “tastemaker label” by the New York Times. With acclaimed graphic artist Dust La Rock providing a clever and constantly evolving aesthetic for all Fool’s Gold visuals and merchandise, the company has become more than an independent music powerhouse, but a trendsetting lifestyle brand putting a unique stamp on events, collaborations and much more.
Recently the Fool’s Gold crew has been more visible than ever, pasted up giant-size on subway walls and billboards as part of Bushmills “Since Way Back” campaign, and throwing events like the free “Day Off” bash in NYC on Labor Day, featuring performances from a who’s-who of DJ heroes and rising young MCs. Their latest projects include the label’s first full-length album releases (including a compilation LP featuring new songs from all the Fool’s Gold artists and the debut of all-girl Japanese rock band The Suzan) alongside a slew of new singles, international touring, art shows, retail, and beyond – there’s no telling what FG will lend their midas touch to next.

chromeo Awards and nominations:
  • 2007 Bucky Awards - Best Sweatin' to the Indies Workout Song - "Fancy Footwork"
  • 2008 Left Field Woodie – (Most Original Artist)
  • 2008 MTV Video Music Awards Nominee
  • 2008 Juno Awards Nominee for "Dance Recording Of The Year" - "Fancy Footwork"
  • 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Nominee for "Best Special Effects"
  • 2011 Juno Awards Nominee for "Dance Recording Of The Year" - "Business Casual" 
A little about Dave ...
  • Restaurant: Marlow & Sons
  • Hotel: The Boundary
  • Tailor:The Orchard Tailor Sevices 
  • Album: Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Car: 1970s Citroën DS
  • Essential item: Maison Martin Margiela blazer
  • Grooming: Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax
  • Style icon: Springsteen     
  • Style tip: It's about the fit
  •  Watch: 1970s Omega Constellation
  •  Suit: Maison Martin Margiela
  •   Jacket: Balmain
  •  Shirt: A.P.C.
  • Jeans: Dior 17cm
  • Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Zabriskie boots
  • Bag: J.Crew leather messenger bag 
Mr Macklovitch's Recommendation.
VOURITE RESTAURANT AND DISH: “In New York, I would say Marlow & Sons. When I'm in town, I go about once a week. I usually get one of the ever-changing daily specials. In Paris, my buddy Romain-Gavras just put me on to this new spot called Septime. France's youngest Michelin-starred chef opened his own place. Absolutely delectable. Again, get the chef's tasting menu and wine pairings – anything else would be uncivilized.”  
Marlow & Sons.
Marlow & Sons.
                                                                      BEST BAR:

“I don’t go to bars much, honestly, and couldn’t tell you the difference between a Rusty Nail and a Shirley Temple, but I like Kenmare and this lovely little spot in the East Village called Elsa.”      

“Paris. I have a bunch of friends there. I like to do the museum rounds, pop by my favorite restos, bookshops and, hey, the shopping isn’t too shabby either. All in all, it’s the most stimulating of cities and I always come home inspired.”


                                                         TOP CITY: Again Paris )))))      

“It's between Paris, New York and Montreal. Paris, for reasons outlined above. New York, simply put, because it’s where the movie Wild Style takes place. And when I saw that movie, as a hip hop hungry teenager up in my hometown of Montreal, I said to myself: one day, I’m going to live there. The fascination remains. When I finally moved there in 2002 to begin my Ph.D. program at Columbia, I remember gazing at the skyline from the Morningside Park vantage point and feeling like Rastignac at the end of Le Père Goriot: “À nous deux maintenant.””

“I’ve had about two hundred nights on the road this year so it’s all a blur. In London, The Boundary is really nice. In Paris, Hotel Amour, if you get a duplex. In Montreal, casa Macklovitch offers expedited laundry service. Yes that was a dad joke.”                                        


 Hotel Amour.

                                                                      TYPE OF BAG:

“For school, I have a leather J.Crew  messenger bag that ages so beautifully you could swear it’s vintage. On tour I bring a black Maison Martin Margiela duffel bag in which I can seemingly fit absolutely everything I own.”
 J.Crew messenger bag..
 Maison Martin Margiela
                                                                  FAVOURED BRAND:
                               “Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme. There is no other possible answer.”
                                                         ESSENTIAL WARDROBE ITEM: 
“An impeccably structured, black Maison Martin Margiela shawl collar blazer. It goes with everything, can be dressed down or up, fits perfectly, and after a year’s worth of abuse on the road it shows nary a sign of wear and tear.” 
                                         Maison Martin Margiela shawl collar blazer
                                          MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN :  “My mother.” :))))

                                         Dave and his Mother  Lison Benmouyal Macklovitch.
CUT OF TROUSERS: “Who wears trousers?” :))))
JEANS BRAND: Dior. Has to be 17cm.
UNDERWEAR CHOICE: “Muji trunks.”
PREFERRED JACKET STYLE: “ Balmain make the perfect pea coat; Yves Saint Laurent make the perfect aviator leather bomber; Slimane era Dior make the perfect leather jacket. Burberry Prorsum make the perfect overcoat and there are some nice new Yves Saint Laurent models in that category as well.”

   Balmain Wool Peacoat

   Balmain Wool Military Coat


SHOE MAKER:“ Yves Saint Laurent Zabriskie boots. It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect pair of chelsea boots. Either you go vintage and they’re too crunchy looking, or you get something new and it doesn’t look classic. Or they’re too pointy. Or too round. Or the heel isn’t high enough. Then I found it: the Yves Saint Laurent Zabriskies, which, incidentally are just as perfect with jeans as with a (well tailored) suit. And trousers, for whoever wears those.” 

Yves Saint Laurent Zabriskie boots.

FAVOURITE GROOMING PRODUCT: “Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax. Alas, it’s the only product that has managed to make some sense out of the hair I’ve been endowed with.”
Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax

DREAM CAR “A 1970s Citroën DS, preferably the model with Venetian blinds in the rear window (I believe it’s 1973 or 1974). I actually don’t know how to drive and always told myself that I would only learn once I owned one.” 
A 1973s Citroën DS

   WATCH BRAND:“1970s gold-plated Omega Constellation.”


  ESSENTIAL GADGET: “My Blackberry. It's a tragic thing.”


BEST BOOK: “Marcel Proust - In Search Of Lost Time, because it’s the greatest piece of literature ever written.”
    FAVOURITE ALBUM: “Michael Jackson - Thriller, because it’s the greatest piece of music ever

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro, Goldtop 
This is not some crazy vintage find, it's actually a newer model. I love it because the body is full, not swiss-cheesed out (they didn't carve any holes in it to make it lighter). It has an extremely comfortable slim '60s neck, and I can switch the pickups to single coil to play all the little funk licks or punch them back to humbucker for the mucho macho solos.

  Homemade Dictionary
 I started this dictionary when I started college. I wanted to keep a list of fancy French words, or really useful terms that I could use in papers. So I bought an address book, that's arranged by the alphabet, and I just put all my favorite words in there. Whenever I come across a word I don't know, or a word that I think I might want to use more, it goes in my dictionary. When I was an undergrad, I would go through it a little bit to 'fancify my lexicon'. Now I just keep it for myself, and it's become one of my most prized possessions. I'm starting one for English. It's my second language so there are a lot more words in this language I don't know. 

Dave  is a model also...He has taken part in many commercials,the most important is  Bushmilles, Dior and many other..

        Brothers Malkovich goof around during the shoot in impeccable suiting by Simon Spurr,  
                                          Bespoken, Dior, Patrik Ervell, and Paul Smith.
                                             He has a very refined and original style...

     Also refined his taste in music, he's one of favorite singer is  Billy Ocean, British recording
    In parallels he is a DJ also ..

But in my opinion he is incomparable,when he plays on guitar and sings also,he has a soft and nice vocal .. 
                                                     New York London Los Angeles 2011  
♛chromeo !!!
My ♡

                               ''Our Music is Big With the Dolphins'' ...(Dave Macklovitch )